My Testimony Of Light

God is Light and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5

I have learned through 45 years of light work—using light as a spiritual tool and force—that I AM a career daughter of God. My goal is to ascend in the light—into the heart of the ONE –into the heart of God, Creator, Great Spirit, Brahma, Allah, Jai, unknowable, unnameable mystery of ONENESS.

What I know is that in this experience in this body temple, personality of Donna, there is a Great Mighty Powerful Spiritual Being with Dignity, Direction and Purpose. And, I believe this for every man, woman and child.

My purpose is to teach principles of wholeness, wellness and financial freedom in service to LIFE.

The teachers I have found along the way have helped me to understand that:

• I am not this body
• I live in this body
• I can choose to live in joy
• I can be love in action
• That LIGHT will set me free

The paradox, that:

• I AM/we are ONE and yet we are in separate bodies
• The experience that I must care for this body as I live in it
• That I have other emotions besides joy
• That my intention to be love may not be realized by others
• That the TRUTH will set me free

What is TRUTH?

• The paradox that there is light and darkness in this dimension of polarity
• That having experienced the relative reality of Separation/Duality and the mystical reality of ONENESS, I can set my sights on the goal of perfection and balance
• That WILL—intention—plays a part in how I experience “my” life in this embodiment
• That this body belongs to Mother Earth, to this physical dimension or plane
• I can experience more consciously the totality of my being in meditation on LIGHT

I understand and experience the “Transformation in Light” meditation with Ulrike Hobbs-Scharner as a tool to bring more light, and peace and joy and love, into this world of form, as part of my service to LIFE.

My favorite spiritual practice is the use of the violet light or violet flame in mantras, meditations, visualization and music. In conjunction with the indigenous grandmothers’ request for a new moon ritual in defence of Mother Earth, I lead a one-hour Light Service, “Light in the Darkness” using this special spiritual technology. All are welcome to join me, wherever I am.

Please see calendar for the next opportunity to participate.