Ceremonies and Rituals

Gratitude Circle for Women

A ceremonial talking circle for sharing gratitude, abundance and joy …

The feeling of gratitude is the magic key to the treasure house of creation.  In gratitude for my life and life experiences, I began hosting a Gratitude Circle for Women in 2010, celebrating 10 years in Germany during which time I’d learned a new language and culture and found myself no longer a stranger in a strange land.

Being thankful in all things, gratitude can unwrap even the most difficult situations, revealing the gifts in each experience of life. In manifesting the desires of our hearts and creating place for ourselves on Mother Earth, this ceremonial circle amplifies the potential that gratitude brings to us all.

Red Cedar Circle

Native American Indian Medicine (Prayer) Ceremony

The Red Cedar Circle—originally the Red Cedar Medicine Society—was founded by tribal elders of the north west coast of North America.

This SiSiWiss (Sacred Breath, Sacred Life) ceremony is an open circle welcoming prayers and songs of all traditions. The original structure for the ceremony honors the sacred water and the four directions, Medicine Songs and Teaching stories from the many tribes who were forced onto a small reservation in northern Washington state.

Many languages and traditions came together in the melody of songs sung and prayed from the heart—mostly without words—for healing of humanity and bringing comfort and encouragement of one another, Healing Mother Earth and all our relations.

Johnny Moses, My Teacher and Friend

Johnny Moses — Wis.Stem.Men.Knee “Walking Medicine Robe” is the great-great grandson of Chief Seattle. Since 2010 I have been participating in ceremony with him and have learned many songs, stories and teachings.

I am blessed to have his permission to share these with all people in the Red Cedar Circle.

Seminars & Workshops


Step into the Flow with KNEIPP © and Running Water

This is an interactive workshop with practical tips for integrating the five elements of Kneipp into daily life.

Cosmic Clock Walk and Talk

Using the model of the clock to identify sites in cities where energies have been used for less than good to all concerned; then applying the alchemy of change to “lighten up!”