Touching The Earth,
Healing Humanity

Serving LIFE with Joy, Love, Harmony, Wholeness, Wellness and Freedom.

Hello! I’m Rev. Donna

Priestess, Mystical Order of the Divine Presence and Certified Kneipp © Trainer

Standing under the authority of my own individualized God Presence, I AM THAT I AM, I am Donna Ruth of the Sovereign House of Glory, a Career Daughter of God and Priestess of the Mystical Order of the Divine Presence. In service to ALL LIFE, I AM Teacher of the Mother’s Mighty Way, offering tools, techniques and practices that anchor more Joy, Love, Peace, Harmony, Wholeness, Wellness and Freedom in this beautiful world of form.

With a foundation in Christianity, I was trained as a Spiritual Counselor and Metaphysical Healer at the Church of Tzaddi in the 1970s. While living in Germany in 2006, I was ordained a Priestess in the Mystical Order of the Divine Presence, an international Order under the Spiritual Awareness Fellowship

Integrating the wisdom of the mystical path of the world’s religions from the Americas, Europe and Asia, I bring a full array of cultural, historical and spiritual experience to my programs, pilgrimages and personal sessions.

As a certified Kneipp © Trainer, I have personally used this European Wellness Model for more than ten years. Of the five elements, natural foods, healing herbs, exercise, balance (order in life) and WATER, the application of hot and cold water to heal the body is the most unique piece of this practical wellness model.

Expanding Your Joy, Wisdom, Power and Love.

The tools offered can help you embody more of your true being.

Call or email to make an appointment for any of the following services or for more information.

  • Personal Karmic Cycle Reading & Kneipp Wellness Consultations
  • Ceremonial Circles and Rituals
  • Seminars and Workshops

Personal Healing

Using tools discovered over the decades, I work in private healing sessions to help you open your heart to your Divine Self.

  • Karmic Cycle (Cosmic Clock) Readings
  • Kneipp Wellness Consultations
  • Violet Flame Healing Sessions

Circles and Events

Go on a Cosmic Clock Walk around town and discover the layout and ties to the spiritual signature of the land.

I organize events to help you connect to the Earth for healing ourselves and healing humanity.

Ceremonies & Rituals

Ceremonies and Rituals connect us to the Divine and open our hearts to the power of the Universe.

  • Gratitude Circle for Women
  • Healing Ritual for Person or Place
  • Red Cedar Circle—Native American Indian Medicine (Prayer) Ceremony

Please Support my Ministry.

I offer my services on a donation basis. You can donate following the button below.

Call or email to make an appointment for any of the following services or for more information.

  • Personal Karmic Cycle Reading
  • Ceremonial Circles and Rituals
  • Kneipp Wellness Model Consultation
  • Seminars and Workshops

Earth-based Wisdom, Quantum Science and Ascended Master Teachings offer tools to heal ourselves and Mother Earth.

The Healed Humanity Healed Earth Land Trust is dedicated to the Divine Mother and is intended to benefit the Children of the Earth.

To stay informed or get involved in this PEACE of Paradise Project, please use the contact form.

Heiler Mench - Heile Erde e.V.

Brücken bauen für mehr Menschlichkeit und Mitgefühl.

Ancestral Lineage Clearing

Uncovering the Past to Heal the Future, change family patterns that have been passed down for generations.

The Violet Flame

This is my all-time favorite spiritual tool to clear ancient records in the earth, healing body, mind and soul.

Touch The Earth Tours

With spiritual tools, we can walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and transform records. Mystical impulses are all around us. With guidance and attunement, we can access this information to heal ourselves and our world.

Adventure Quests Intl.

Discover Yourself Through Mystical Travel!
Sacred Travel opens you to a bigger world, where you discover your true-self through the inner and outer journey.
Even in your own neighborhood or backyard, you can connect to the magic of the land.

GrandMother Running Water

I AM a lover of that Great Mystery called God (and many other names) and our Mother Earth. I offer Wisdom Teachings, Prayers and Songs in Cermonies and Circles.

Let Love flow like the river at your feet.
Plant a seed of Love into the heart of everyone you meet.
I AM ONE, there is no “other”
I AM Gaia, I AM Mother.

Johnny Moses

Native American storyteller, my teacher and friend.

Mantra Singing Circle

Gemeindsam Singen für Jung und Alt in das Münchener Tipi.

Rubber Meets the Road Ministries

Building Bridges, Sharing Information, Supporting Good Works

Practical Spirituality is the experience of Divine Right Action for each ONE individually with good to all concerned. We are an international community bringing hearts and minds together to bless and heal ALL Life.

Traveling through the USA with the American Cruiser “PEACE EAGLE” we leave tracks and trails of Light as we pray and sing.

Photo above is ceremony to dedicate the Peace Eagle in Nevada City, CA.

“Rosie,” my tiny-house-on-wheels in Germany, is used for Ceremonial Journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sites. We travel Light, spread Love and sing Peace!

Ceremonial Circles and Gatherings—planned and spontaneous—are a part of our daily Rituals [Ritual = Right-You-All, the goal of all ritual and ceremony, to bring us into Right Relationship with the Creator and Creation].

Hearts Center

Experience new teachings and solar sciences from the Ascended Masters. Learn keys to transforming your life!

Spiritual Awareness Fellowship

Where we honor and practice truths found in the world’s religions, including Ascended Master Teachings brought forth in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Contact Me

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USA: (530) 278-5039

Germany: +49 (0) 1575 105 3213